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SNOW EMERGENCIES: No vehicle or trailer shall be parked on any street or alley during a declared snow emergency. A snow emergency is defined as any time the quantity of snow warrants the deployment of snowplows. During snow emergencies, no parking shall be allowed on the road or alley until the snow and ice plowing has been completed the full width of the roadway. Citations shall be issued to vehicle owners parked in the path of snowplow on the first pass. Any vehicle violating this article will be towed without notice to the property owner, at the owner’s expense.

SNOW REMOVAL FROM SIDEWALKS: No owner or occupant of a property adjacent to a public sidewalk shall allow snow or ice to remain on the sidewalk longer than 24 hours after snow has ceased to fall. After that time, the City may remove the snow or ice and bill the responsible party for costs incurred.

PILING OF SNOW: Persons shall not push or deposit snow or ice into a street or alley from private property or public boulevards. Do not pile snow at street corners or at the ends of public drives so it interferes with the view of the traveling public. Property owners will be charged removal costs if such piles must be removed by City staff or other agent of City.

SNOWMOBILES: No person shall operate a snowmobile within city limits upon public property, including City parks, or upon private property, including school grounds, after the hours of 10:00 p.m. or before 9:00 a.m. Sunday through Thursday. On Friday and Saturday, no person shall operate a snowmobile after midnight or before 9:00 a.m. Operation of snowmobiles during the allowable hours shall be strictly limited to travel by the shortest, most direct route to and from operator’s home to areas outside city limits, and by use of the following streets:

1) 2nd Avenue SW from County 34 southerly

2) Vet Memorial Hwy West from 2nd Ave SW to 8th Ave SW

3) 8th Avenue SW and NW

4) 5th Street NW from 4th Avenue NW westerly

5) 4th Avenue NW from 5th Street NW to 7th Street NW

6) 7th Street NW and NE

7) 1st Ave NE from Main St to 7th Street NE

All snowmobiles operated on the above-described streets shall only use the hard surface portion of the roadway ordinarily used for vehicular traffic - do not ride on boulevard or sidewalk. No snowmobile shall cross Main St between 8th Ave West & 1st Ave NE. Permission for snowmobile groups & clubs to operate during restricted hours may be obtained from the City Council. Speed in city limits is limited to 15 mph. A violation of this Chapter is a misdemeanor.

Theresa Coleman, City Administrator

Ken Schuck, Chief of Police

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