Thursday, June 1, 2023

Help provide kids a safe place to land

On an average day in Minnesota, more than 7,000 children are living in foster homes.

Last year, a total of 11,235 children and young adults in our state experienced out-of-home care because they could not safely remain in their own homes. Some were housed with another family, others in group facilities.

All of them are children in crisis.

This month, we have an opportunity to honor and recognize the foster parents who provide kids with a safe place to land. These folks aren’t in it to get rich. In fact, they have to be financially stable to qualify for the program and often make financial sacrifices for their fosters.

According to Foster Adopt MN, that’s one of many myths about foster care. Here are a few more:

Foster kids stay in foster care for years. Most are reunited with their parents or primary caregivers. They stay in care for as little as a few days to a year or more, though very few are in care for two or more years.

Foster kids are delinquents. Some enter care because of mental health and behavior issues. Many are there because their parents are abusing drugs, or have neglected, abandoned, or abused them.

Foster parents can’t work. Many work outside the home and use the stipend they receive for child care.

Seniors can’t be foster parents. The only age requirement is on the minimum end; you must be at least 21 years old.

Foster parents have to provide medical insurance. Foster children are enrolled in Medicaid to cover their medical, dental, and mental health expenses. Parents only pay for over-the-counter medications or supplies.

The goal when a child is taken from their home is to find a relative who can care for them. Foster Adopt MN says that happens with about 62% of Minnesota kids in foster care.

But there remains a tremendous need for foster parents—particularly those who can help meet children’s mental health needs.

Most kids in foster care do have some type of mental health issue, but that shouldn’t deter a prospective foster parent. Agencies help even before you start fostering, by ensuring the child you care for is a good match for your home and resources. After placement, they also help you meet the child’s mental health needs.

In short, if you have room in your home and your heart, please consider becoming a foster parent. Learn more about the process through the Minnesota Prairie County Alliance,




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