Thursday, May 30, 2024

Roundabout construction continues; completion several weeks away

Work continues on the construction of three roundabouts along Highway 57 in Kasson with the completion of the project anticipated late July or early August.

The project was originally scheduled for a mid-July finish but a later than anticipated lifting of load restrictions led to a somewhat later start to the project, said City Engineer Brandon Theobald of WHKS in Rochester.

Recent work on the roundabouts in downtown Kasson that involved removal of contaminated soil because of gas stations that at one time were located along Highway 57 were anticipated, he said, and did not substantially delay the project.

Engineers were aware of areas of soil contamination before the project began and also knew that mediation of situation would be required. Once construction began, he said, they were able to determine exactly where, and how much, contamination was in the area.

The contaminated soil, he said, was dug up resulting in the large pile of dirt seen at the location recently. That soil was hauled to a specific disposal site near Austin.

“We were prepared for this,” Theobald said. The removal of the contaminated soil did result in a cost to the city of Kasson, he said, and those costs will be covered by a state Petrofund (Petroleum Tank Release Cleanup Fund).

The fund, according to state officials reimburses eligible applicants up to 90% of “reasonable and necessary” costs incurred in responding to a petroleum tank leak. Leaks from petroleum storage tanks are one of the nation’s leading causes of groundwater pollution, according to the Minnesota Department of Commerce website.

The portion of the project in downtown Kasson involves reconstruction of Highway 57 from Memorial Highway/Dodge County Road 34 to 11th St. NE. Stages 1A and 1B were completed last summer. Stage 2, being done this summer, includes all reconstruction work from south of Veterans Memorial Highway/Dodge County Road 34 to just north of 1st St. NE including a roundabout at County Road 34 and the mini roundabout at Main St.

The second Kasson project on Highway 57 is the construction of a roundabout at Highway 57 and 16th St. by Kasson-Mantorville High School. In addition to the roundabout, the project includes watermain, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer improvements, as well as a trail connection and improved accessibility for pedestrians.

The second project is a local partnership project and is being led by the city of Kasson.

The work at 16th St., Theobald said, is scheduled to be completed before the start of the 2023-2024 school year.

Traffic is currently be detoured in both construction area with traffic between Kasson and Mantorville being redirected on 8th Ave. SW/County Rd. 21.




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