Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Minnesota's war on cops

Behind the Badge with Sheriff Scott Rose

We have special interest groups who continue with this false narrative suggesting virtually anyone wearing a uniform and badge is broken, is a danger to our communities, and is systemically racist. We have state leaders with absolutely no experience in law enforcement who are now the experts – who believe they can reform our profession without our input because of our bias, because of our brokenness.

Experiments like Defunding the Police, Reforming the Police, or now Re-Imagining the Police were the rage after George Floyd was killed. Experiments to garner political support. Experiments that continue to excuse criminal behavior as “protesting.” Experiments that have all failed and resulted in a dramatic increase in violent crime all over this country and violence towards officers. Experiments that were conducted to “fix” Law Enforcement without the input from law enforcement because law enforcement is “broken” and getting our input wouldn’t support the narrative. Experiments that have made our communities, especially in the metro, much more dangerous for everyone. 

Now that it’s an election year, those who were most outspoken against law enforcement when that supported their narrative, are now saying they support our men and women, want to refund policing, and want to add more cops – hoping you won’t see through their politically driven BS.

I just learned this past week that our leaders in Minnesota, in their infinite wisdom, now believe that our colleges and universities need to rebrand law enforcement to fit their narrative. Schools are being instructed to remove “LAW ENFORCEMENT” as the title to their programs – moving to the less offensive title of “PEACE OFFICERS.” Schools are also being instructed to remove any military references to their curriculum including rank like captain, lieutenant, or sergeant – these terms apparently too military and too offensive to the public. Really? 

Our state has made it very clear, that any mistakes made by our law enforcement officers will be investigated and prosecuted by the state at the highest level, putting a huge magnifying glass on our men and women making their already incredibly stressful job even tougher. Unfairly prosecuting officers like Kim Potter to make a political statement, to make political points. 

All of this has resulted in the lowest number of law enforcement applicants and highest number of men and women leaving this profession then we’ve ever seen. Community college enrollment numbers at a mere fraction of what they used to be. One of our local state university campuses told me recently they have five students in the program graduating this year. Five students and not all of them convinced yet that this is what they want to do.

Frankly, with the war on cops our state has waged – why would anyone want to be a cop here? Don’t get me wrong, it’s one of the most rewarding professions there is – I would do it all over again without hesitation, which is why I will continue to talk to students about considering going into law enforcement. But what are we doing to encourage young men and women to take on this calling here in Minnesota?  

Our state leaders are suggesting signing bonuses, assistance with tuition, and other benefits are going to draw more applicants – what they don’t understand is it’s not about the money. If any of us were concerned about the money, we certainly wouldn’t have become cops. If these men and women don’t feel like they have the support of our leadership locally, at the state level, and at the federal level – all the money in the world isn’t going to convince them that the risks are worth it.   

If safety in your community is important to you and if your family’s safety is important to you - when you are deciding on candidates to support in November, please support candidates that have consistently supported law enforcement, through the good and the bad. If our leaders don’t do a better job of supporting the men and women willing to take on this calling to keep our communities and our families safe, and we keep losing good officers and seeing less and less applicants and students – in a few years many of your communities won’t have enough officers to keep your family safe.

Thank you to everyone who’s supported our amazing staff of men and women throughout these difficult times – you have no idea how much our deputies, dispatchers, and their families appreciate your support.

Your Sheriff,


Scott Rose is serving in his second term as sheriff of Dodge County. His current term runs out in December.



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