Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Mantorville approves resolution asking for special session

At their meeting July 25, the Mantorville City Council members unanimously approved a resolution supporting a special session of the state legislature to consider the 2016 Bonding Bill.

Mantorville and Kasson are partnering to process their wastewater and the cost of putting in the necessary pipeline and infrastructure is hefty. 

Mantorville would save $1.364 million if the bonding bill were passed because lower-interest money would become available through the state revolving fund and the Point Source Implementation Grant could be higher.

City Engineer Tim Hruska also pointed out that when the new system is up and running, Mantorville will discharge less phosphorus into the Zumbro River.

Mayor Chuck Bradford said he would write a letter to Gov. Mark Dayton inviting him to a meal at the Hubbell House so city officials could impress upon him how important the bonding bill is to the financing of the town wastewater project.

Hruska said eight bids had been received for Mantorville’s portion of the project and they ranged from just over $1 million to $1.895 million. The city has 60 days to accept one of the bids.

Temporary Solution for Fifth St Accepted

In other business, council members agreed that a short-term solution for improving Fifth St is needed. The actual reconstruction of the road will not start until September but complaints are received constantly about the potholes that are “out of control.”

Hruska said Swenke Ims Contractors, Inc. can ‘reclaim’ the road as it sits. The pavement on both Fifth St and Stagecoach St would be taken up, ground and laid back down on the roadway. Then the road is compacted. The result is essentially a gravel road, which could not be treated with chloride for dust control before the actual road construction begins in September. 

It’s a temporary fix but it would be better than the potholes on the road now, the council members agreed. 

The cost to the city would be very little; essentially just the cost of renting the construction signs, explained Hruska; probably between $500 and $1,000.

Cease and Desist Removed

Council members agreed the owner of the house at 121 Fifth St. West could resume her business operating two rooms in her house as overnight rentals as part of the airbnb company. (Airbnb is an online service company that finds short-term renters for people’s homes all over the world.)

The owner, Sharon Davern, had been renting rooms in her home before obtaining a conditional use permit for the practice.

At the last meeting, the council members had issued a cease and desist letter to Davern until the permit was obtained. Several complaints about the existence of the airbnb had been received by council members. 

Council members asked Davern to be sure guests parked in her driveway, not on the street. Neighbors were also concerned with the late check-in time. 

Council member Sherry Roth asked Davern

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