Saturday, June 3, 2023

Meditation Garden Open House June 3

On June 3, Ramona and Bruce Bigelow will be hosting an Open House and Dedication of the Meditation Garden they have created. The open house will be from 2-5 p.m. at 1407 12th St. NW in Kasson. There will be a short dedication program at 3 p.m.

The Meditation Garden is the fulfillment of a dream. In 2020, Bruce and Ramona were wed in what they called their second chance marriage. Both had been married before and both were cancer survivors.

When they purchased the lot for their new home, they realized the corner lot next to them was empty. At first the thought was to attempt to purchase this for an extended yard and garden.

But both had been impressed with a small meditation garden from a previous church and thought this might be the perfect place to create their own. When they approached the lot’s owner with their ideas for the space, he changed his plans for the lot and agreed to sell it to them.

What started out as just a dream, now seemed like a possible reality. Ramona and Bruce both stated that it seemed like things just seemed to fall in place, as if this was just meant to be. It took about three years for the dream to turn into what it is today.

Ramona began by drawing preliminary sketches of what she thought would fit the area. But they soon decided that to make it into something really meaningful, they would need some professional help.

They contacted Sargent’s Nursery in Rochester and were put in contact with one of their landscape designers. They explained what they thought they wanted, and this professional put together a plan for them.

Once the plan was developed the actual work began. Putting in trees and shrubs, planting grass, laying an intricate sidewalk design, and bringing in large rocks were just part of the process. Then they went shopping.

Some items on their list were large while others were small. They wanted something to serve as the entrance and found an arbor in Rochester. They needed a structure to be the center place and were able to purchase a gazebo that had been built by a Mennonite business called Country Barn Yard. It had been sold to another party, but they had renovation plans and were willing to sell it.

Yard sales, flea markets, and antique stores offered up their treasures. Sometimes they said they didn’t really know what they were looking for until they found it.

From dream to completion took about three years, with the final touch, a fountain going in just this spring. Ramona and Bruce felt this was almost a calling to create something that could give back to the community.

Above the arbor is a sign that says, “Bless All Who Enter Here.” The sign in front of the property invites all who seek: Comfort, Meditation, Healing, Rest, Prayer, Solitude, Hope, Peace, or Recovery.

Inside the gazebo are chairs and benches, an open Bible, a sign in book and scripture passages adorning the walls and ceiling.

The screened structure protects you from the sun and rain while allowing breezes to blow through. It is a very peaceful setting for quiet meditation and prayer.

Bruce and Ramona invite people who need such a place to visit and use it as needed.




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