Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Kasson traffic jam slows traffic when combine loses wheel

Last Thursday was a bit more extraordinary than most days in Kasson or Dodge County for that matter. As people began migrating back to Kasson via Mantorville Ave., a combine lost its left front wheel. Fortunately, the operator of the unit was able to jump the curb (even with a corn head on the combine) and only partially block the south- bound lane. A trailing tractor and trailer was also forced to pull to the curb.

A Kasson PD officer was on hand to direct traffic around the unit as a team from Minnesota Ag Group, the local Case IH dealer, scrambled to block up the combine’s left side, using hydraulic jacks and cribbing.

The enormous wheel, which had settled in the driving lane next to the combine, was retrieved and a Minnesota Ag Group truck with a winch was able to lift it into place.

The operator and a host of men managed to get the unit moving before sunset.

On a much quieter note, Sunday afternoon was spent with the folks at Grace Lutheran Church in Dodge Center who were thanking city, county and area fire, police, sheriff and EMTs for their contribution to providing safety for all calling the area home.

The Walking Taco event was an annual event provided by Grace an open to the community.

EMTs were on hand Monday to assist an adult male in Mantorville with COVID-19 who was suffering from shortness of breath.

Most of us thought this whole thing was behind us. I did as well until I began to gather facts for our front page accounting of COVID-19 worldwide, across the U.S., Minnesota and right here in Dodge County.

I was a bit taken back when I reviewed the numbers from Dodge County Department of Health. Most of the pandemic there were only four citizens of the county who had succumbed to the virus. However, Monday’s number had increased to nine.

What’s the cause of such an increase?

Perhaps they were in the vulnerable age category, or had an underlying condition or perhaps they were among the few who did not have the vaccine. In any case, the passing of these nine due to the coronavirus saddens us.


A distinguished man should be as particular about his last words as he is about his last breath. He should write them out on a slip of paper and take the judgment of his friends on them. He should never leave such a thing to the last hour of his life, and trust to an intellectual spurt at the last moment to enable him to say something smart with his latest gasp and launch into eternity with grandeur.

Mark Twain

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