Saturday, December 4, 2021

Is it the 1970s revisited?

Those of us who lived during the 1970s remember the shameful resignation of Richard M. Nixon from the presidency due to a break-in of the National Democratic headquarters offices at Watergate.

It also brought us the Jimmy Carter, peanut farmer from Georgia, to fill the oval office and clean up the Nixon mess. Carter’s administration introduced us to long lines at gas stations, high interest rates on home loans (some as high as 14 percent), a failed attempt to retrieve hostages from the U.S. embassy in Tehran, Iran and he oversaw the overthrow of the shah and took over that Middle East nation by Islamic extremists.

The 70s was a decade of out of control inflation.

Similarities have arisen during the first five months of the Joseph R. Biden, Jr., administration.

Biden was elected following twice-impeached Donald J. Trump, a controversial occupant of the Oval Office to say the least, and like Carter, has run into some national and international rough roads.

A cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline that furnished gas, diesel and jet fuel to the southeast and northeast held millions of Americans hostage until the company paid a ransom to the Russian-based criminal organization known as DarkSide. Colonial ended up coughing up $5 million Bitcoin to gain access to its own servers.

That hack brought back long gas lines from Texas to Florida to New Jersey and most states on the East Coast.

Higher gas prices have surfaced just as Americans are getting back to summer road trips, visits to Disneyland and World after a very real shutdown of our nation’s economy was an indicator of higher prices on our nation’s horizon. Food, such as meat, vegetables, paper products and fruit were some of the leading indicators of a return to inflation, just like the 1970s.

The Middle East is at war, again. Just like in the 70s.

Hamas, the political/terrorist organization that’s running Gaza and the West Bank, has been sending thousands of rockets to Jerusalem, Haifa, Tel Aviv and other parts of the tiny Jewish state.

Israel has responded by warning targets to evacuate their civilians prior to bombs falling on Hamas hot spots.

As that part of the world edges closer to an all-out slug fest, the U.S. is being invaded at its southern border by folks from the southern hemisphere, including Venezuela, a recent failed nation that touted communism as the nirvana of socialism.

It’s time for those of us who did live through the 70s to stand up and speak out against the past failures we seem to be running toward in 2021.



History has tried hard to teach us that we can't have good government under politicians. Now, to go and stick one at the very head of the government couldn't be wise.

Mark Twain


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