Saturday, December 4, 2021

It’s almost time for fishing

It’s time to get the boat ready for the Minnesota fishing opener, which is May 15. Clean the inside of old bait, be certain that the pedestal seats are comfortable, not cracked and rotting and get the rod and reel out of the rod rack in the garage.

There’s nothing like the fishing opener in Minnesota that excites fishermen and women.

Bass, walleye, trout, northern pike and perch are fair game just one month from today.

Apparently, this opener is the latest possible opener under Minnesota statute.

“We know there is some confusion about this year’s opener date,” said Jon Hansen, fisheries program consultant for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

In Minnesota, Moms get a leg up on the guys. This year’s ‘Take a Mom Fishing Weekend’ is set for May 8 and 9. (It gives Dad a chance to be sure the boat, motor and trolling rig are in good working order before the May 15 opener for all Minnesotans.)

Before all you Moms get all excited, remember “…the walleye season won’t be open,” Hansen stated.

But…bullheads, suckers, sheephead, buffalo and crappies may be taken. Oooo! (Sarcasm intended.)

Bullheads, Sheepheads, suckers? They’re not worth the effort to most fishermen and certainly not worth Mom’s time on the water. Someone at the DNR must hate their mother, or at least they try to avoid taking her out fishing during the regular season opener.

There have been many fishing openers when it might have been better to roll over and catch a few more winks. I recall heading to Lake Vermillion for an opener back in ’79 when I joined Denny Sorensen (a realtor friend of mine), his son, Steve, Bill, the Cloquet city administrator, and his young son, Junior. It had snowed 2-inches the night before, and the ice was still jammed up against the shoreline. We literally pushed our boats out about 100 yards before we could begin fishing. It was cold and windy on Vermillion.

If I recall we managed to pull in a few walleyes before succumbing to the frigid temps on the lake and decided the more intelligent option we had was to head in, trailer the boats and head for the nearest restaurant for lunch.

Hopefully, the 2021 fishing opener will be sunny and provide a nice walleye-chop for those heading out in just 30 days.



Do not tell fish stories where the people know you; but particularly, don't tell them where they know the fish.

Mark Twain


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